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Wall to Wall….. through Colour

We all respond to the colours in our environment. Our emotions and even our bodies react in very specific ways to the atmospheres we live and work in, and one of the key elements in creating an atmosphere is colour.

As more and more corporations and institutions now recognise that the mood and atmosphere of their working environments are have a direct impact on staff and customers, they are looking at ways to transform and enhance their working spaces using colour.

Atmos Design work with clients in creating unique colour environments using a technique called Lasure.
The Lasure method involves applying layers of colour pigment that have been diluted in a transparent binder. As the layers of colour are applied (mostly by spraying) the wall is gradually and artistically transformed from a flat mono-tonal surface into one that has beauty, dynamic contrasts and rhythm. The overlapping layers of colour flow into each other creating the experience of transition, breathe, depth. The once mono-tonal surface is transformed into a symphony of colour, form and movement.

Atmos work closely with the client in the design process. Through understanding the nature and purpose of the areas to be painted and the needs and vision of the client the designer will create several computer generated images for the client to choose from.

The design process begins with a photograph of the area to be painted being scanned into the computer. The designer, using software and a digital air brush, now begins the process of transforming the walls by layering and blending colours on screen until the desired effect has been achieved. Choosing the colours and forms for the design depends on the client’s needs and of course the location to be painted. The reception area of a large corporation or a bank will require a different look and style to that of a restaurant or a conference room.

An essential aspect of the design process is ‘colour matching on the computer’. Atmos, using state of the art software, can generate pigment colours on screen to exactly match the pigments held in stock.
Because of Atmos Design expertise in this field, they also provide a colour matching service to companies that need reliable and accurate screen-to-print colours.

The Lasure can be applied to different surfaces. E.g. Fine textured surfaces, chipwood wallpaper, artex, textured paint, glass fibre wall paper etc. The preferred surface is called ‘Spachtelputz’ a beautiful and durable fine textured plaster, which works extremely well with the Lasure technique.

The Lasure artist prepares the colour pigments for spraying using a binding mixture of natural cellulose and Acrylic. The pigments used in the painting process are as much as possible natural mineral earth pigments. These are preferred because of their fine tonal range and warmth. Pigments such as Golden Ochre, Sienna and Verona Green are used along with Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue and Violet to create the aesthetic beauty that makes the Lasure method so unique.

Compositional factors such as balance, depth, contrast; unity and spatial awareness have a real influence on a creation. The Lasure artist is fully involved in this creation process. As a painter stands at a canvass about to bring into being a work of art, so does the Lasure painter stand before a wall. For the Lasure artist the wall is his canvass.

The Lasure artist will try to work as closely as possible to the original computer generated design, but as this is essentially an artistic process the painter is open to inspiration and the finished work will invariably (and to the clients delight) have been enhanced.

Atmos Design have been working with corporate and institutional clients for the last several years. Recent work has included such diverse commissions as the foyers and offices of a major international bank and the chapel of a new prison.

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